Hazelnut & Praline (Premium)

Hazelnut & Praline (Premium)

  • Taste Profile

    Freshly grated hazelnut that is then used to make into hazelnut mousse.

    We also add a touch of dark chocolate to give it a sense of elegance. We love this dessert for the satisfying crunch we get from the nut praline, which is folded into the hazelnut mousse. If you were thinking nutella at the start, you probably forgot all about it by now. So yes, we do not use any nutella.

  • Composition

    This dessert is made of layers of chocolate and coffee soft cake, hazelnut mousse with our homemade crunchy nut praline chunks.

  • Storage Info

    Freezer: Up to 5 days (leave to thaw for 10-15mins before consumption)

    Chiller: Best consumed by the next day