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Spiced Dark Chocolate (Premium)

Spiced Dark Chocolate (Premium)

  • Taste Profile

    Rather than using straight up dark chocolate, which we find it to be a little too bitter for some, we combined a mixture of dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate.

    Then there's cayenne. Yes, cayenne! Spicy chocolate is a weirdly addictive treat, trust us. And with cayenne, there is a distinctive 'Mexican' kind of flavor about this chocolate. And then there's the sea salt. First spicy chocolate and now salty chocolate. We can hear you all rapidly closing your browser windows...wait! The sea salt brings out all of the deep dark chocolate flavors. It totally enhances everything and will certainly spice up your life! Try it!

  • Composition

    This dessert is made of layers of chocolate soft cake, custard mousse, spiced with cayenne and sprinkled with sea salt.

  • Storage Info

    Freezer: Up to 5 days (leave to thaw for 10-15mins before consumption)

    Chiller: Best consumed by the next day

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